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Question Your Thoughts

So often I find it too easy to believe every notion that runs through the space between my ears during a day…

(Which could apparently be around an easy 60-70k+. NBD, amiright?)

Jumping to conclusions – or perhaps flailing, dive-bombing and/or careening headfirst into (in most of my personal cases), where we choose to accept these messages as TRUTHS can be the moment between bliss & blues, triumph & torture, heaven & hell in the mind.

But what if you weren’t your thoughts? What if you had the chance to question their perceived certainty? Especially the thoughts that cause you pain. The ones that flip your day on its head within the brief span of a breath, and pull you down from peaceful reverie to pure panic. All the simple result of what? …An unanswered message? A suspect side-eye? Words & actions filtered and interpreted to cause pain.

There’s a crazy opportunity here to QUESTION what our mind throws at us. We have the choice, as free-thinking, autonomous, and generally bad-ass human beings, to actively STOP OUR THOUGHTS from causing pain.

And yes, I’m of the belief that this can be done without downing a handle of whiskey, hoovering a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked/a plate of brownies/Whatever-your-sweet-tooth-says-will-make-the-ugly-thoughts-go-away, or any other preferred form of self-destructive thought-annihilation. 

It is the ability to ask ourselves “Is this really what is going on?” By seeking wholehearted TRUTH in every thought that passes through our brainwaves, we have the unique potential to decide what we will choose to believe.

You can choose to believe that growing old is a miserable task and be resigned to a life above ground that is less than joyous. You can choose to believe that the connection with him was lost because you imagined everything that was said between you two – perhaps living in doubt of any future relationships. You can choose to believe that money will always be the root of evil, and that you will never know abundance.


You can question each of those thoughts that cause you pain by seeing that maybe, just maybe, those thoughts are not reality. And maybe, just maybe, there are other Truths hidden inside that could lead you back to your path – the place where alignment propels you forward in flow, and the dark thoughts can almost seem laughable.

But… Is it an act of doubting yourself, by questioning yourself? Effectively pulling the rug out from under your own feet?

“You may be asking: “That voice in my head, isn’t it me? Don’t I think my thoughts?” You can answer this for yourself. If the voice in your head is you… Who’s the one listening to it?” – Byron Katie

Your doubt does not define you. It might just actually free you. Question the truth behind the voice inside your head. Become the active observer.

Question Your Thoughts | TheEmilyJean.com

<< If this whole idea of “questioning your thoughts” is intriguing & you’re interested in exploring this more, I really love Byron Katie’s “The Work.” Her most well known book is Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life You can find more about Katie, including tons of free videos, and worksheets at TheWork.com >>

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