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This Too Shall Pass – A Prayer for Patience

Divine Mother, Father, Source of All ~

Shift me into someone who is capable of releasing her fixation on Desires, easing into instead the Trust of Preferences.

Knowingly open up a space within me to sink deeper into my Faith.

Help me to create a sturdy foundation of Awareness that the timing of all that has been, all that is, and all that is to come, is always touched by your hand – and so I may swiftly let go of my fears & my doubts.

Help me to remember that which applies to ALL times, ALL desires, ALL insecurities ::


And in this knowing, may I find a sense of comfort and ease in the Patience You instill with me through this reminder.

Help me to be the version of myself who finds no need to be fixated on the answers, because with Patience, even knowing all the questions is neither possible nor necessary.

Please bring me the good sense to recognize that not only are these times of uncertainty and frustration the fleeting and impermanent moments of life, but that Freedom also lies in knowing that the longed-for moments of bliss and magic, yes,


Change me into one who can savor both polarities.

With this Patience, I promise to continue my journey into deeper Faith & Trust, knowing that I may someday be able to look back over my shoulder with wiser eyes & kinder heart, to understand the deep importance of Divine Timing.

With Faith & Patience, I allow the magic of the Universe to work through me.

Already done. Already healed. And so it is. Aho.

Inspired by the idea of “Change Me Prayers” from Tosha Silver​, along with a note written by my grandfather 14 years ago to my mother while she was battling breast cancer:
“I salute you on the courage and fortitude you exhibit during these days of affliction. I am reminded of the king asking his wise men to invent a sentence that applied to all times and situations. They wrote “And this too, shall pass away.” This is consoling in times of stress, but is also a warning in times of great joy – This too, shall pass away. Keep the faith, CBD”

This Too Shall Pass - A Prayer for Patience


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