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Em (RYT 200) has promised herself she will never ever work out again. After nearly 17 years of being stuck on the diet-or-binge roller coaster with food, and believing exercise was a “four letter word,” she found her way in to yoga and out of hating her Body. What started as a casual interest seven years ago, turned out to be the key to finally feeling comfortable in her own skin.

Em made her dream of becoming a yoga teacher a reality in early 2015 through the sadhana teaching practice of The School Yoga Institute. Now she finds immense pleasure in helping her students to leave behind the out-of-Body stresses of the daily grind, and reconnecting inwards through a conscientious movement practice. She sees herself more as a guide than instructor during classes, with each pose being merely a suggestion that a student can chose to explore or not, by continually checking in with their Body. Students can expect a slow to moderate-paced vinyasa class, allowing ample time with poses to explore the sensations and signals from the Body.

As a yoga instructor, and Reiki II practitioner, it’s Em’s hope that each student will walk away from her classes with a deep feeling of peace, as well as a more profound connection & appreciation for the skin they are in and all the many wonderful things it allows us to do!